Any kind of surgery can be quite daunting and despite many operations being successful, the reminders that are left behind can be quite obvious. Scars can fade with time but sometimes continue to be raised and thickened. This could be due to a number of factors such as genetics, skin type and where the scar actually is on the body. Surgical technique and aftercare could also contribute to poor outcomes.

In these situations Dr Darshn will take a full history, examine other scars you may have and enquire as to how old the scars are. Its important to understand that it takes approximately 18 months for scars to fully mature and so you may be advised to hold off until doing something about it.

If a decision is made to revise your scar, you can be assured that Dr Darshn will use advanced scar minimisation techniques to help reduce the risk of further scarring. He will also give you a strict protocol of creams, dressings and possibly injections to help further reduce the risk of poor scars.

Some patients are naturally prone to hypertrophic scars (thickened collagenous scars) and keloid scarring. In these cases Dr Darshn will pinpoint specific therapies and services to help improve your aesthetic outcome.

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