Journey of care

Your journey of care starts from the moment you contact Cosmetic Surgery Australia. We make providing you with a high level of patient care and consideration our priority.

A CSA consultant will guide you through your journey of care. After your enquiry an information package will be sent to you outlining the procedure and preparation. You will also receive a photo request form with clear instructions on what images to send. These images will be used to decide upon your suitability for surgery so if you’re unsure about how to take them please do not hesitate to contact one of the team. All images are treated with complete confidentiality.

Before your consultation with Dr Darshn, you will be asked to complete an in-depth medical questionnaire. During your consultation your questions will be answered and you’ll be provided with detailed information regarding your chosen procedure. You will also be informed about cooling off periods, expectations for your surgery day, recovery and measurements for your post-operative garment.

Pre-surgery fasting and admission times are normally provided the day before your procedure. You will meet with your Dr Darshn just before your procedure and be taken through the operative plan once more before surgery.

Upon leaving the hospital you will be provided with a CSA emergency contact line, and will receive your first post-operative call the day after your procedure. At this time we will book in your dressing change and your 4-week post-operative review appointment with your doctor. Patients are welcome to have all their appointments in the clinic. In some instances patients who are travelling great distances may not be able to attend all follow-up appointments. In this case a GP appointment should be arranged. It is always better see your specialist after your operation.

Your CSA Consultant responds to your enquiry within 2 hours


Make your enquiry and one of our team will contact you within two hours! Have an idea of what you are trying to achieve and get ready to send in some pictures so we can assess your requirements.

An minimum of 1 hour for your consultation


Your consultation with Dr Darshn will last around an hour. He will go through your medical history, examine you, take measurements and talk to you about all aspects of your surgery. Dr Darshn will sometimes ask you to come back for further consultation. Great results come from great planning!!!

Your CSA Consultant responds to your enquiry within 24 hours


Once you have had your consultation you can think about booking in for surgery.

You will receive instructions on how to prepare for your surgery and what to do afterwards. We will also forward you a quote. Our prices include hospital and anaesthetic fees.

If you want to go ahead as soon as possible just remember at CSA we have a minimum 7 day cooling off period to protect you. We want you to make a decision that you can be sure of.

Your procedure at a fully licenced private hospital


Your surgery may be a day case or involve overnight stay depending on how extensive your surgery will be. Most of our procedures are under general anaesthetic and we use licenced facilities as well as ANZCA trained anaesthetists with a minimum of 10 years experience.

Here are a list of our hospitals:

Sydney Day Hospital

Sydney Private Hospital

St Kilda Day Hospital

Monash House Private Hospital

Your chance to view your amazing results!

Dressing Change

Your dressing change will be organised and performed  by either Dr Darshn himself or a registered cosmetic nurse. Normally dressing changes occur within a week of surgery. This may vary for different operations.

Up to 3 years follow up to ensure you get the best results possible!

Follow up

We know that after your surgery you are at your most vulnerable. We offer regular post operative visits all with Dr Darshn who insists on seeing his patients regularly. Your overall outcome is also greatly influenced by our guidance during your recovery.

We do not charge for our post-operative appointments. It is important to us that you attend.

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Complimentary Consult
with your booked surgery