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Breast augmentation, also known as mammoplasty, involves using a breast implant or fat transfer to increase the size of your breasts. Every woman has different reasons for considering breast augmentation, from a desire to boost confidence, through to wanting to refresh shape after a period of breastfeeding.

Here at Cosmetic Surgery Australia, we use the highest of quality MENTOR® MEMORYGEL® Breast Implants and Contour Profile Gel (CPGTM) Breast Implants, with the added assurance of the MENTOR® Warranty.


MENTOR® MEMORYGEL® Breast Implants

MENTOR® MemoryGel® Breast Implants are round in shape and contain the newest generation of silicone. They are prefilled with Mentor’s uniquely formulated silicone gel. This gel is not like a liquid or a semi-liquid. Instead, it is a cohesive gel that holds safely and evenly together to deliver a natural feel that closely resembles breast tissue. Filled with Mentor’s proprietary cohesive gel, the gel filler holds together uniformly to look and feel like natural breast tissue and set fill volume for predictable results.


MENTOR® Contour Profile Gel (CPG™) Breast Implants

CPG™ stands for “Contour Profile Gel,” and it is Mentor’s highly cohesive teardrop (anatomical) shaped implant. The term they use for the silicone fill of this implant is MemoryShape™. The MemoryShape™ is the safest implant option with the lowest reported incidence of key complications in primary augmentation at 10 years. CPG™ gives the appearance of a smooth, tapered upper pole transition for a natural contour of the breast – providing a ‘youthful’ silhouette.

So which implant is for you?

If you want to find out more call the CSA team on 9099 4496 or email us at info@cosmeticsurgeryaustralia.com.au!

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