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Choosing the right breast implant for you can be a complicated and overwhelming process. When there are so many options to choose from, it’s crucial to find the perfect look. After choosing which type of breast implant works best for you, the next thing you might want to look at is the shape you want your breasts to be.

Here at Cosmetic Surgery Australia, your CSA doctor will guide you through each step in choosing the perfect fit for you. They will go through each step in detail and discuss with you what implant might fit your body best, and which incision is most beneficial to your body. By supporting you throughout your journey, the doctors here at CSA will help you make the best version of yourself.

However, if you’re curious to find out more about different profile implants, keep reading on!

What is profile?

Profile refers to how much the implant projects forward in the chest. When lying flat on a table this can be seen as the height of the implant. As the size, or volume, of an implant increases, the implant dimensions will either get wider and have the same projection or have more projection while keeping the same width.

An example of the different dimensions is that while a 300cc low-profile implant is wider and flatter, a 300cc high-profile implant will be narrower and project more (taller).

Mid-profile has a width and projection that is in between the other two profiles.


Generally, the low-profile breast implants lie the flattest. For the same volume, a mid-profile implant will be narrower and taller.

When a woman has a wide torso, a wider implant is needed so that the implants help fill out the chest and maintain a smaller cleavage space. In this situation a low or mid-profile implant may be better, while a high-profile implant will be likely leave too much space in between the breasts. Low profile implants will look more natural and be less obvious.


High-profile implants are generally taller and can look like half spheres in the extra high range. These implants can give women a deeper cleavage with a bustier profile. In this range the implant can cause the breast to look less natural depending on the surrounding breast tissue and its laxity.

Understandably, while it is natural to contemplate on how you want your breasts to look, it is also important to not worry too much. The team at CSA is here to listen to your needs and will carefully help guide you through the process to achieve a look that you can be happy with.

If you want to find out more call the CSA team on 9099 4496 or email us at info@cosmeticsurgeryaustralia.com.au!

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