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When considering breast augmentation, looking for the right size can be quite daunting. There are a few factors that could influence your choice such as:

  • The width of your chest
  • Your height
  • Your desired breast shape/size

During an initial consultation some patients may focus on wanting a certain bra cup size. The thought of going outside these expectations can cause some apprehension. As most women know, trying on three different bra brands can mean fitting into three completely different bra sizes. This arbitrary nature of cup sizing is why at CSA we really encourage our patients to focus on how they feel with breast sizers on in consultation. It is here where your surgeon will encourage you to try on sizers that will look and feel most comfortable for you. Listening and watching your reactions they then are able to guide you to a size that best suits you. Implant volumes are usually measured in cubic centimetres (cc).


What are CC’s?

CC’s are a metric unit of volume known as cubic centimeters and 1cc of silicon weighs approximately 1 gram. Here at CSA we utilize a cohesive gel, which has a more natural look and will feel more like real breasts than when using a liquid or semi-liquid.

The higher the number of cc’s in an implant, the larger they will be. Breast implants generally range from about 80 cc’s to 800 cc’s, with each 125 to 175cc reflecting about an additional cup size. So naturally, the higher the amount of cc’s, the bigger the implant.


Which one is best for me?

A way to test which amount of cc’s fits you best is through performing the rice test:

  • Put on a sports bra that fits your chest size but is the cup size you think you’d like to be (for example, if you’re 32B and want to go up approximately two cup sizes, put on a 32D).
  • Fill freezer/sandwich bags or an old stocking with different volumes of rice. One ounce of rice is 30cc. Make sure there’s no air in the bags and don’t pack the rice in too tightly.
  • Wear these in your bra with different clothes to see which one looks and feels best.
    A good range of sizes to try is 225cc, 250cc, 275cc, 300cc etc. up to the size you prefer.


However, the best way to know which size is best for you is by booking a consultation at Cosmetic Surgery Australia.The doctors here will assess the shape and size of your body, and will help you decide what would be the best fit for your look.


To book a consultation or just to chat to one of our friendly CSA team members call us on 9099 4496 or email us on info@cosmeticsurgeryaustralia.com.au!

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