Calf Implants

Calf Implants, also called Calf Augmentation, is a procedure that gives the appearance of larger muscles of the lower legs.


The implants are made in a variety of sizes and are constructed of solid silastic. The consistency is firm yet rubbery and comparable with firm muscles.


Usually general anaesthesia is used for this procedure because your muscles need to be completely relaxed. The incision is made in the crease behind the knee and an opening called a pocket is made by dissecting around the calf muscle and opening up the area.  Once the pocket is fully opened, the implant is squeezed through the incision and placed into the pocket. The incision is then closed and a dressing is applied.



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Afterwards, patients will have to wear compression stockings for a time recommended by your doctor. There will be some time after surgery that you will not be able to move around very much and you will have to keep your legs elevated, then a longer time during which your activity will be limited.  Most people move around very little for the first few days after surgery. It may be around a week before you can move about comfortably and longer than that before you go back to exercise.


The scars from this procedure are small and usually well hidden in the skin fold behind your knee. 

Average Cost: $4000-$5000


Please ask your doctor for further information.


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